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David J. Holt

David J. Holt

Managing Attorney

Because I manage my own practice, I can fully dedicate myself to your legal needs. I review all your files, answer your calls, respond to your emails, and work through your case from start to finish. I do not take on so much work that I cannot respond to my existing clients in a timely manner.  I am “all in” on your case once I accept it.  I have formed strategic partnerships with other attorneys and professionals in order to best serve you (hence the use of “we” instead of “I” all the time.) While I may delegate work, I am in full control of your legal matter. I look forward to working with you!

Medical Bills

We help people who have large medical bills that they simply cannot pay. We negotiate a plan that makes sense for you.

Business Formation

We help set up your business in cost-effective start-up packages.

General Counsel

We provide tailored legal counsel to help you “get legal” and have a go-to attorney on demand.

Health and Wellness Professionals

We work with healthcare and wellness professionals to get your business set up and keep you protected while the business grows.


We help you, your family or your business navigate the complicated healthcare regulations.


We are open to win-win consulting and co-counsel arrangements on an as-needed basis to fit your needs as a business or other law firm.

We cut out the fancy bells and whistles and focus on value

Speak English

We speak plain English, not legalese to try to impress you.  We use analogies, drawings, and extra time in person to clearly explain what we are doing.  There are no stupid questions here – we encourage open communication at all times.


Leverage Technology

We leverage modern technology to keep costs down and past savings onto you.  Our firm is 100% paperless, backed up and encrypted remotely.  We can safely share every single document in your case with you electronically.  You will receive invoices via email and you can can pay securely online.

Value-Based Billing

The traditional hourly billing model does not reward creating value of the client. We practice law differently. We avoid hourly billing in order to have predictable bills and “skin in the game.” We will discuss your goals at our first meeting. We will base our fee on meeting your goals, ideally with a predictable flat fee that we agree is equal to the value of our services.


Million Americans Struggle to Pay Medical Bills


Medical Bills that Contain Errors

Medical Debt is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy


Americans Have Received a Medical Bill that Confused Them


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