Want to shop for health insurance coverage without sending your private data to a health insurance company or the government?  Gravie is your answer!  

Gravie is an online broker that connects you to health insurance options for free before you purchase a plan.  Gravie will help you figure out which insurance plan best fits your situation, help you purchase the plan and help you apply for financial assistance if you qualify.  Gravie searches both the private market as well as the government-run MNsure to determine the best fit for you.  

So what is the catch?

Gravie is free to individuals. Gravie charges insurers and other providers of services a fee to distribute their products, just like a traditional broker would. Gravie makes the same amount of money regardless of where you buy your insurance – whether from the state exchange or the private market. This ensures that Gravie is completely independent.  How Gravie makes money has no impact on the recommendations Gravie provides.

Contact Gravie for More Information

Website – www.Gravie.com

Phone –  612.355.1590

Email – Info@Gravie.com


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