Although the 2014 open enrollment period has come to a close, you and your family may still be eligible for a special enrollment period. If you have a life event that qualifies, you may enroll or change your enrollment plan within your special enrollment period, which generally begins on the date the life event occurs. Check below to see if you qualify for special enrollment. If you already have enrolled in a plan through MNsure and experience an eligible life event, connect with the MNsure Contact Center

Life events that may qualify an individual for a special open enrollment period include:

Birth, Adoption, Foster care

At date of birth, adoption, or placement for foster care

Change of address

At date of move

Newly eligible or ineligible for tax credits

  • Individuals already enrolled and newly eligible for tax credits (APTC) or cost-sharing reductions (CSR)
  • Newly eligible for (APTC) or (CSR) because employer sponsored health insurance is ending or has become unaffordable

At date of eligibility determination notice

Gain citizenship, national or lawfully present status

At date of status change

Loss of health insurance coverage

  • Result of leaving a job, loss of Medical Assistance/MinnesotaCare, loss of coverage of spouse or dependent

At date you or your dependent are no longer covered


At date of Marriage

MNsure mistake

At date you report the error to MNsure

American Indian or Alaska Native

Starts at beginning of each month and ends last day of month

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