Acupuncturist Practice Set Up Package


This is the full legal startup package for acupuncturists valued at $2493 offered here for $1500 as a discounted package.  The package includes the 9 most crucial forms for a acupuncturist practicing in Minnesota:

  1. Client Information and Consent Form ($399)
  2. Business Associate Agreement ($399)
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices / HIPAA and Consent ($250)
  4. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ($399)
  5. Independent Contractor Agreement ($250)
  6. One month of General Counsel ($400)
  7. Client Information and Amendment Form ($99)
  8. Consent for Release of Information Upon Insurance Assignment ($99)
  9. Authorization for Use & Disclosure of Protected Health Information ($99)
  10. Acupuncture Advertising Law Summary ($99)


Acupuncturists licensed to practice in Minnesota must follow strict rules of practice governed by State Laws, Federal Laws and the professional rules of practice. In addition, acupuncturists are naturally exposed to a lot of liability and legal issues due to the sensitive nature of their clients as well as the high stakes for which their work depends on.  Healthcare and business attorney David Holt has created a tailored legal package to protect acupuncturists as they launch a successful practice.  The last thing a acupuncturists should worry about is defending herself in court.  Court costs for acupuncturists rule violations can easily cost 10x times the amount of this package ($15,000 would probably be a good deal in most cases…) Why risk your license and your professional career right out of the gate? Let an experienced healthcare and business attorney do all of the worrying for you so you can focus on what is really important, your patients’ health.


Here is what each form/agreement includes in plain English.

  1. Client Information and Consent Form 

This is the agreement that you give a patient/client to review and sign in order to govern your relationship as a acupuncturist with the patient/client.  This protects you as a acupuncturist and establishes clear rules to make sure you get paid in all situations, including when insurance, workers compensation or a personal injury is involved.

      2. Business Associate Agreement

This agreement is required by law if you are going to partner with other businesses or professionals and share protected health information.  These agreements are most commonly used for working with (1) an attorney (to protect yourself and confirm you are doing the right thing without unauthorized releases of your patient/client’s information) or (2) Billing, insurance, marketing and scheduling businesses, software or staff.

     3. Notice of Privacy Practices / HIPAA and Consent

This Notice (and consent) are required by State and Federal laws to clearly communicate how you will protect your patient’s protected health information.  As a acupuncturist, there are noted exceptions to absolute patient privacy, which are clearly explained to the patient in this notice.

     4. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This Agreement is placed on your website to indicate how you collect information about your visitors, it clearly outlines your Notice of Privacy Practices and Client Information form, as well as indicate that viewing the website does not create a doctor-patient relationship.

 5. Independent Contractor Agreement

This Agreement is used to hire Independent Contractors to help you with scheduling, marketing, billing and routine office tasks, generally used in conjunction with a Business Associate Agreement so you can focus on what makes your practice the most money: acupuncturist care.

      6. One Month of General Counsel

You will have access to an attorney with one month of unlimited calls, emails and consultations on common legal issues, including lease reviews, basic contract reviews, as well as full implementation of all of the forms in this Agreement. The usual billable hour for the law firm is $225+ per hour but you get a full month of representation. There is more detailed information here.

      7. Client Information and Amendment Form

Sometimes, your patient/client will need to change their information.  This could be a minor change, such as a change of address, or a complete disagreement with your medical records/file.  This can create tension (and legal issues) if not handled correctly.  This form let’s you handle those amendments smoothly.

   8. Consent for Release of Information Upon Insurance Assignment

This Agreement allows you to release information to an insurance company in order to get paid.

     9. Authorization for Use & Disclosure of Protected Health Information

This Authorization is for anyone requesting the patient/client’s information, that has not already been given that consent in writing.  This is usually attorneys representing the patient/client or the patient’s relatives.

    10. Current Acupuncturist Advertising Regulations Summary

Many Acupuncturist operate their practices without any knowledge of the advertising rules.  This summary helps confirm that all of your marketing ideas are legal.

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