I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I cannot keep up payment for my medical expenses.  Are there any resources that can help me?


There are all sorts of external programs, outside your healthcare provider, where you may be able to seek financial assistance with your healthcare expenses.  These include government-sponsored programs, non-profits and others.  Keep in mind; I have no affiliation with any of these organizations.


I have a specific medical condition that requires me to see a medical professional often; are there any organizations that can help me?


The first set of resources is condition specific resources.  These are organizations that help out individuals with a specific medical condition.




I cannot afford to pay for my prescriptions.  Where do I turn for help?


The second set of resources is drug specific.  These organizations help you pay for your drugs.  Believe it or not, drug companies want you to keep taking their drugs because healthcare is a business after all.  There are special reimbursement programs and coupons that you need to dig up to use.  In my mind, if you are paying retail prices for your drugs, you are paying way too much.




Are there any organizations that will help me with my health problems?


Finally, there are other non-government organizations, which help with medical expenses based on need or your financial situation.  These organizations generally require you to prove your need and require you to apply for government-sponsored programs before applying.





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