General Counsel

You can have an Attorney on Demand starting at $500 per month

Yes, you heard that right…

Unlimited Calls and Emails

Say goodbye to billing by the minute.  If you have a question, email.  If it is in scope (and it usually is) we just answer it.  It is that easy. It it’s a more comprehensive question – we set up a call to discuss.

Review of most Legal Documents

We review most contracts.  We review any Subpoenas, Summons, Complaints, or claims served upon you, etc., and advise you on appropriate action. We review contracts with your business partners.  We review leases and purchase agreements.

Consultation on Common Issues

We consult with you on liability or a potential litigation matter.  We consult with you on general employment law issues.


Consultation on liability or potential litigation matter

Review of any Subpoenas, Summons, Complaints, or claims served upon you, etc., and advising you on the same.

Consultation on Employment law issues.

Consultation on purchase or sale of business assets, or real estate, negotiating and reviewing the same.

Responding to claim letters from opposing counsel or businesses.

Review of contracts with your business partners.

Routine corporate filings and advice on corporate governance matters

Not Included:

Prosecution or defense of litigation matter.

Appearing in court or at deposition your defense, answering complaints.

Defending you at the DOC, DEED, AG, OAH, or other government agency or court.

Handling the purchase and sale of business assets or real estate.

Investigation and preparing responses to comprehensive claim letters, such as Demand Letters.

Drafting complex contracts. Extensive re-writing of contracts.

Substantial corporate reorganizations. Major revisions to corporate documents or structure.

(*For illustration purposes – not intended to be a comprehensive list*)

Pricing: $500 per month

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