Transcript from video:

I’m a healthcare and business attorney.  On the healthcare side, I work with individuals and families; working through the healthcare process on any disputes or medical bills they are trying to resolve.  And also on the business side, I work with business owners on getting set-up, and then early business cycle transactions.  The ideal individual I work with is a business owner who’s in the healthcare or wellness industry.


When you think of law or a lawyer, you think of a person with a tie, very stuffy, intimidating, and one thing I really try and do is breakdown a lot of those barriers.  To be a lot more personable, avoid ties when possible, unless I am in court, you have to respect the court!  But I don’t think that it needs to be as scary as it has been built up to be.  We are all just people here with issues we are trying to work through, or businesses we are trying to grow.  It doesn’t need to be a scary or confusing interaction.

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