You have options to negotiate an unacceptable medical bill even after the bill is received.  One technique is price comparison.  See also: “How to Negotiate Your Medical Bill” for tips on negotiation.


First, healthcare providers give discounts to Medicare patients – on average over 70%!  Now, a doctor probably cannot give you the same Medicare discount, but you can show this statistic as a bargaining chip to prove that you know they have significantly marked up their price.


Second, you can show that the same service was cheaper somewhere else.  Call other providers and ask for their pricing for the same type of procedure.  Keep a list of the locations and prices.  Mention these providers and prices during negotiations and mention that you will be using their services in the future because of the lower prices.  This may help with bargaining because your current provider should want to keep your business.


Third, use the Healthcare Bluebook to cite average prices in your area.  Simply search by zip code and type of procedure and the Healthcare Bluebook will give an average price for your area.  This is another bargaining chip to show evidence of a cheaper service available.


Don’t let healthcare providers mark up prices on you because they do not believe you will argue against them.  Advocate for yourself and the benefits will be well worth the effort!


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