Integrated Community Supports (ICS)

Integrated Community Supports (ICS)

Integrated community supports (ICS) is a new waiver/245D license service as of 2021 under the “waiver reimagine” initiative in Minnesota.

What are integrated community supports?

Integrated Community Supports (ICS) are a 245D licensed service for adults 18+ on the BI, CAC, CAID or DD waivers. Providers provide support (e.g. supervision, cuing, and assistance) and training for adults (18+) in a provider-controlled, multifamily housing building (integrated community supports setting). Providers may deliver up to 24 hours of service support in a day. In a way, Integrated Community Supports (ICS) are similar to other “group home” programs.

ICS provides support and/or training in four community living service areas: (1) community participation, (2) health and safety, and wellness, (3) household management, and (4) adaptive skills.

What is an Integrated community supports setting?

An integrated community supports setting is a multi-family housing building (tri-plex, four plex, apartment building, etc.) where the service provider has direct or indirect control of the person’s living unit and has an approved setting capacity report.

An integrated community supports setting Is considered a provider-controlled HCBS setting (must comply with all requirements for HCBS settings in 42 CFR 441.301(c)) and it does not meet the requirements of a person’s own home, community residential program or family residential program. è

A living unit is a self-contained residential living unit with living, sleeping, eating, cooking and bathroom areas.

A multifamily housing building will have multiple living units.

When a single provider leases or owns more than one living setting located on the same or adjoining property, the lead agency can only authorize services in one of the settings

Setting capacity report

A setting capacity report is required to be submitted to DHS by the provider indicating:

  • the location of the setting;
  • how many units are in the building
  • how many units will be occupied by someone receiving ICS.

Before an integrated community supports provider can deliver services, they must submit a Setting Capacity Report, DHS-8062 to DHS for each integrated community supports setting, as required by Minn. Stat. Chapter 245D. Only one HCBS provider may deliver integrated community supports in the approved setting. To submit a setting capacity report, email the completed DHS-8062 form to

Setting capacity limits

Integrated community support settings must comply with the federal HCBS settings rule, therefore there is a limit to the number of units in a building where ICS can be provided.

Integrated community supports may be provided in:

  • All of the living units in an integrated community supports setting of three or four unit;
  • Less than 25 percent of the living units of an integrated community supports setting of five or more units; or
  • A setting with a site-specific review approved by the commissioner where 25 percent or more of the units of an integrated community supports setting are occupied by people who receive integrated community supports funded under BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers

Site specific review

A site specific review is required for:

  • a setting where 25% or more of the units are occupied by someone who receives ICS, and;
  • housing that is developed, funded, or designated specifically for people with disabilities to receive HCBS.

The site specific review is required in order to ensure the setting does not isolate or create stigma for people living there.

Information the provider submits to DHS for the site-specific review must include, but is not limited to:

  Setting-specific provider community integration plan that includes strategies to reduce the potential effects of isolation

  Policies and practices that demonstrate staff training and monitoring of the community integration plan

  Documentation of the community living service category supports and training offered at the setting

  Documentation of how the provider ensures people are given informed choice to receive HCBS from providers who are not the integrated community support provider who controls the setting

  Description of provider’s continuous quality improvement process, including measures to demonstrate a person’s experience over time

  Identification of any specialized care the provider will deliver and/or populations the provider will serve at the setting

  Input from the lead agency and community where the setting is located, including local perspectives of the setting, with supporting information or strategies to address potential concerns.

DHS will not approve the site-specific review if the information submitted does not:

  Demonstrate that the setting meets the HCBS setting rule characteristics

  Demonstrate that the setting does not have the effects of isolation

  Identify a plan to monitor and remediate people’s ongoing experience at the setting

  Ensure people in the setting have choice to receive HCBS from providers who are not the integrated community support provider controlling the setting.

If a site-specific review is required for a setting based on the setting capacity report, DHS will contact the provider to obtain the required information.

How much to bill for integrated community supports

The DHS rate framework can be found here, and navigate to the ICS spreadsheet and input your specific staffing and resident numbers to learn your rate per day =  2021 Disability waiver rate-setting frameworks / Minnesota Department of Human Services (

How to provide integrated community supports

Integrated community supports is an intensive service that is licensed under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245D. The service requires both the 245D/waiver license, and the ICS setting capacity report process to be completed.

At this time Holt Law offers the ICS it starts with the setting capacity report, and the 245D license. We do the 245D license for a flat fee of $2950 which does not include $500 filing fee and $631 filing fees.

For the setting capacity report / ICS specific approval, we currently charge an hourly fee of $300 per hour. The length of time and cost to complete is completely dependent on the location and complexity of the unit(s). Most clients average around $1500 or 5 hours for this process, but local zoning and building codes, as well as DHS input, can increase the process indefinitely.

***This process may change due to factors outside our control.

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