Healthcare is a necessity of life.  And although doctors, nurses, and clinics do a lot to improve our quality of life, visiting your doctor may eventually lead to a medical fee dispute.  It is not uncommon to fight charges from a hospital or clinic.  There are errors in medical billing every day around the nation.  Most errors go unnoticed.  The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to try to avoid or resolve a fee dispute:


  1. Know your plan coverage: many people are not aware of their insurance coverage and its limitations.  Knowing what is covered under your current plan will not only aide in avoiding disputes, but it will speed up the overall process of receiving care.


  1. Keep and review all medical bills: keep a detailed file of all bills or correspondence you receive.  This will help you monitor what you are being charged.  Also, should a dispute arise, your detailed record keeping may very well help in favorably resolving the dispute.  Do not assume that your healthcare provider keeps an accurate billing system. You may pay for this assumption.


  1. Ask for an itemized bill: sometimes you might receive various bills for a single visit.  Request an itemized bill so you are able to see what and where you are being charged.  Additionally, if there is a bill that is unclear, ask the hospital for a clarification in writing.


If you should find a problem with a bill, having a well maintained record will help you resolve the issue quickly.  However, if caught up in a medical fee dispute, here are some other helpful tips to know:


  1. Negotiate with your healthcare provider: many consumers are unaware that this is a possibility, but it is possible to negotiate a cash discount for agreeing to pay the entire cost at once.


  1. Set up a payment plan: if you are simply unable to pay the entire bill at one time, inquire about setting up a plan to repay your bill.   This option may not always be available, but it never hurts to ask.


It’s important to know what your options are when it comes to dealing with the organizations that provide your healthcare.  If you are involved in a medical fee dispute and you are dealing with non-responsive or unhelpful responses from your insurance provider or healthcare provider, it may be time to put someone on the phone to get their attention.  The attorneys at Holt Law are here to help; contact an attorney now.

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