Minnesota law allows you to let others know your healthcare wishes if you can’t tell them because of an injury.  The legal document is called a healthcare directive. 


You must be at least 18 years old to make a healthcare directive.  Your agent cannot be your health care provider, unless the health care provider is a family member or you give reasons for the naming of the agent in your directive.  You cannot request health care treatment that is outside of reasonable medical practice.  You cannot request assisted suicide.


A healthcare directive is a written document that informs others of your wishes about your health care. It names another person (called an “agent”) to decide for you if you are in a state where you are unable to decide. A healthcare directive also generally covers common situations such as:

-Your goals, values and preferences about health care
-The types of medical treatment you would want (or do not want)
-Where you want to receive care
-Instructions about artificial nutrition and hydration
-Mental health treatments that use electroshock therapy or neuroleptic medications
-Instructions if you are pregnant
-Donation of organs, tissues and eyes
-Funeral arrangements
-Who you would like as your guardian or conservator if there is a court action


A healthcare directive relieves the stress on doctors and loved ones by clearly communicating your healthcare wishes.  The document also ensures your treatment is according to your desire.


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