Managing attorney David Holt moderated a Continuing Learning Education (CLE) on “MNsure Appeals – Current Trends After One Year.”

Special thanks to the Minnesota State Bar Association for hosting this event. The summary is below:

MNsure was established in 2013 as Minnesota’s healthcare exchange to comply with the Affordable Care Act. MNsure provides an appeals process for individuals who feel that MNsure has made an incorrect decision or action about their application. This CLE presents a discussion of different perspectives on the MNsure appeals process. A MNsure appeals representative, a MNsure appeals judge, and a MNsure appeals appellant advocate provide practical insight into past experiences and current appeal trends.

The CLE is available for purchase for on-demand viewing.  David volunteered his time as a MNsure appeals advocate and did not receive any compensation for this engagement.


The link is here:

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