Patient, Eunice Testimonial Transcription


In January of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I had my diagnosis I went to the hospital, and that hospital was out of network.


So then in April/May, I found out that hospital was out of network, and all these bills are coming in.  I’m like “what?” and when I was at oncology I found the cancer helpline, and that’s where they hooked me up with David to help work with these insurance companies and get the bills taken care of.  If it were PreferredOne, Allina, or ours to pay, he helped us out a lot.  He made a lot of the bills disappear, and [shrink] a lot.


Then payments, $25 or $50 payments a month.  When I was talking to them they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  “Pay us now.”  David just stepped in and was my bulldog.  He told them to help us out because it was an incredible strain.  David just kept telling me “you get better, I’ll take care of these guys.”


Unbelievable how caring he is besides all of the financial help he did.  The emotional support was fantastic as well.

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